Teeth Whitening

It is our aim to promote preventative care, but we also offer a service to help brighten up smiles. Our way of whitening teeth involves a simple process, and it is something you can do at home.

This process is the Pola Teeth Whitening System. This is what our practice trusts when it comes to whitening the teeth. Through this procedure, treating teeth for a whiter, brighter smile becomes a whole lot easier.

As with any of our services, this begins with a quick appointment with our resident dentist Gareth. He will check if there are oral problems that might stand out after the teeth whitening process. This will decide if you are suitable for the treatment.

When Gareth gives the go signal, it’s time to move to our therapist-slash-hygienist Hayley. She will take the moulds of your mouth and instruct you on how the treatment works.

We will then schedule two follow-up appointments to check your progress. These check-ups are also where we talk about teeth sensitivity problems, if there are any. Once you complete the whitening procedure, we will take a photograph of your teeth and run a before-and-after comparison.