Free Dental Care

Free Dental Care For Your Teen

Very simply if your teenager is between Year 9 and Year 13 but hasn’t turned 18 yet then he or she is eligible for free dental care at Welcome Bay Dental Care. If your teen has left college but has yet to turn 18 then he or she remains eligible for the free dental care until their 18th birthday.

In association with the Ministry of Health, we offer one full mouth examination with a check up, x-rays, and a clean per calendar year when your teen registers with us. Additional treatments such as bite splints, fillings, fissure sealants, root canals and some extractions are examples of treatments also covered.

Any dental work completed for orthodontic or cosmetic purposes is not covered by the Dental Benefits scheme and would be a private expense.
The benefits of registering your teen with Welcome Bay Dental Care include knowing your teen has an appointment and parents or care givers can attend too. If you have any questions about work to be done you can call us and any of our team can help you.

It is very important for teenagers to visit a dentist regularly and attend their annual check up appointments. With all the changes occurring in the mouth over these years it important to stay on top of oral health and not let deterioration of the mouth occur.

We aim to provide a relaxed friendly environment that your teen enjoys visiting so that he or she can start a lifelong approach to taking care of their teeth.

Pre-Adolescent Dental Care
We also provide free dental care to pre-adolescents and adolescents who have seen a school dental therapist but have been referred by the therapist to a dentist for more advanced work. You would need to bring along a referral letter from the school dental therapist to continue to receive free dental treatment.