Dental Sports Mouth Guards

Playing sports expose you to the risk of injuries. And what most people don’t know is that sports-related injuries are a lot more common in the mouth. From action sports, such as boxing and rugby, to ball games, such as basketball and football, your mouth may sustain an injury or two.

A dental injury isn’t just costly or painful; it’s also almost always permanent. As such, there is a need to wear a dental sports mouthguard during these activities. Welcome Bay Dental Care will help you with that.

Dental Protection for Athletic Activities

We fit dental mouthguards for sports in our clinic. Regardless of the nature of the sport, our team can design and create a mouthguard that effectively shields your teeth. Most importantly, we ensure a perfect fit of the mouthguard for your jaw’s shape for optimal comfort and impact protection.

Customisable Mouth Guards

Our dental sports mouthguards are highly customisable. We can make these guards in a range of different colours. We also offer the option of including your name, your phone number, and other details in the mouthguard’s laminate.

Talk to us for more information on our mouthguards.